Beacon is an Android app that allows you to track Android devices.



  • Recording device’s location into Beacon Console at specified intervals.
  • You can make your phone rumble by Beacon Console. The rumble actions are playing ringtone, vibration and blinking screen, for a minute.
  • You can lock your phone by Beacon Console.
Beacon Console
Beacon Console

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13 thoughts on “Beacon”

  1. これは、さらに他の携帯電話のために開発されるでしょうか?すなわち、ブラックベリー、および多機能携帯電話?ジャワ、ビールなど?

  2. Pardon, I tried to use google to translate my words. I ment will you develop further, into other phones, like blackberry and or java / brew phones?
    I can see this being a much needed feature outside of just android

  3. Oi iii …. Como que funciona reacon, eu estou tendo dificuldade, o que racon serve? 😆

  4. Bonjour,

    J’avais installé The Beacon depuis quelques temps avec un message à envoyer à 3 numéros de téléphone en cas de besoins. De façon intempestive une des adresses s’est mise à recevoir des sms (850 !!!) jusqu’à ce que je désinstalle l’application. Je n’avais pas déclenché l’envoi des sms (et si je l’avais fait normalement cela auraient été les 3 numéros qui les auraient reçus). Vraiment dommage !

    I installed The Beacon for some time with a message to send to 3 phone numbers in case of need. Unexpectedly one of the addresses began to receive sms (850 !!!) until I uninstall the application. I had not started sending sms (and if I had done that normally would have been the 3 numbers that have received). Shame!

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