Calendar Pad (JP)

Android用カレンダー/スケジューラアプリ「Calendar Pad」

Calendar Padは、シンプル・軽量でありながら必要十分な機能を持つカレンダーアプリです。情報量と見やすさ、そして動作速度を重視して設計されています。Calendar Padなら、直感的かつ効率的に予定の閲覧と編集を行うことができます。

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  • Androidに付属の標準カレンダーと同期し、システム手帳の月間リフィル的に見やすく表示するアプリケーションです。
  • Web版のGoogleカレンダーに近い表示方法(複数の日にまたがる予定をわかりやすく表示)
  • 月、週、1日それぞれの視点での表示とウィジェット。
  • 予定の登録と編集。
  • Pro版では、表示のほとんどすべての部分について、好みの色にカスタマイズすることが可能です。


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80 thoughts on “Calendar Pad (JP)”

  1. I love your app. Is it possible to fix the snooze function so that an adjustible snooze time can be set?

  2. Hi sanders, I have checked the url which you let me know. That seems very useful. I will try to include that control. Thank you!

  3. Yes, please add the week numbers to the month view.

    And could you make it possible to have the option to choose only 0, 5 10, 15 etc, minutes when making an appointment. I do not know of anyone who schedules an appointment at 5:03 ……

  4. Hello!
    I use your calendar on my SonyEricsson Experia X10 mini pro. It´s the best calendar app I have tried! But I seem to have found a bug because I can´t edit any of the events. When I try to choose an event the calendar goes back to the day view. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Dear MoaiApps,
    Love your App! Use it all the time. I only have 1 issue. Since the update to 1.3.7-free I can’t seem to see ‘other’ Agenda’s from 3rd parties/other developers on my Calendar Pad.
    Before the upgrade it wasn’t a problem.

    Regards, Sonk

  6. Hi there! I have bought Calendar Pad Pro and I think it is great. I am only missing one thing:

    When editing an appointment, I would like to be able to shift the appointment to another calendar (I have several calendars, some of which I share with friends). Other calendars can do this (e.g. Jorte). You simply open the appointment and change which calendar it belongs to. With Calendar Pad (Pro) you would have to delete the appointment and recreate it in the other calendar – not feasible.

    Hope you can build that in, would make your great app even better!


  7. Hello, i have purchased calerdap pro, how can i change the font colours in week or month widget, colour is ornage and very hard to read.

  8. I just went to my calendar and several of the appointments I’ve made in the last month were gone. That was after a google sync. Anyone know what happened?

  9. For some reason if I add an appointment to the calendar on Calendar Pad, it won’t show up on my gmail calendar. If I add it on gmail, it shos up on calendar pad. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  10. Hi there !
    I appreciate your Calendar Pad app, it really is the best one !
    But since I downloaded your last version (1.4.0), it is now impossible to adjust the reminder time as previously : I mean I can’t set a reminder 1H10Mn before the event, for instance – this was possible in the previous version.
    Still, the new possibility of having several reminders is just great.
    Many thanks for your work !

  11. 😛 I Love you app Calendar Pad Pro. The one thing I’m missing is the search function. It don’t work correctly. It was great, if you can fix this issue.

  12. Got calender pad pro. very good app. However how can I change the colour of all my entries from an unreadable green to e.g. black?

  13. Bonjour,
    I really appreciate your software, I using since 2 weeks now. It will be great if the outlook bar can be availabe in the widget 4X2. Also can you add the location (where) of the appointment in this view. Thanks! 😀

  14. please fix 2 bugs in pro-version 1.4.9 (with Nexus S and Android 4.0.3):
    a) all events are grey
    b) crashes when typing new events

    i may help you translate your app to german!
    kind regards from austria, europe

  15. I really want to use your calendar but google/marketapps wont let me download it – can you give me a direct link so I can download please?

  16. Hi! What I need to know is if I sync with my gmail calendar…re items that I deleted on one and not the other, will they be back where I deleted them? Thanks!

  17. Just Great. And earlier it also showed Astrid tasks. Now it doestn’t, please help me to recover this.

  18. Used to be able to change day colors and now can’t tell which one is the correct one as I go to preview my changes and it doesn’t show up as changed and then can’t see it changed anywhere. Very frustrated, just upgraded and then after not being able to see events on calendar got it fixed and now can’t change day background colors. 😥

  19. The app still will not automatically sync with Google Calendar online. I have to open the appt with the stock calendar on my Samsung and then save it for it to sync with Google Calendar. 🙁

  20. A totally great calendar app – I use it all the time.

    Have found a problem though. Here in Sweden, we rely a lot on week numbers. And the first week for 2013 now displays as week 0. Hmm. Should be 1…


  21. This is my favorite calendar app.
    However, today (2012-11-07) after upgrading the app, the Week view is off by one day. Help!

  22. I have Calendar Pad on my Razr Maxx and my wife has it on her recently acquired Droid Incredible. When she first got her DINC our Calendar Pad entries were synced between the two phones, but after a few days the syncing stopped. Any ideas?

    Thanks very much.

  23. Hi!

    I use your Calendar Pad app since a year or so and I’m very happy about it. Its a very very important app for me!

    But I have a problem, since I have a new phone. I use the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1.2 now.

    And on this phone I see the most “all day”-events, as two-day-events. The affected events are the ones, that I imported from Thunderbird with an app called BirdieSync. I think the reason for this behaviour of Calendar Pad is, that the imported events are created with the timezone “Europe/Berlin” (where I actually live). And this is my Android system-setting as well.

    If I create a new all-day-event with Calendar Pad or the stock calendar app itself, everything is OK and will be displayed correctly. That events are defined with the timezone “UTC”. Maybe this is the decisive difference.

    Interestingly enough the imported events are display correctly as well, if I view them with the stock-calendar-app of Android. And I never had this problem with Calendar Pad on my old phone (Google Nexus One with Android 2.3.x). And I used the same constellation with Thunderbird and BirdieSync for this phone, too. So it seems to be a problem of Calendar Pad with Android 4.x.

    I hope you have an idea how to fix this problem.

    But anyway, your app is great. Thank you for your good work!


  24. Weird problem: current week won’t display in the week view. Shows fine in monthly, and each day shows in daily view. As I swipe from week to week, I get March 1 twice, then March 15. I assume it’s just some weird data problem… I cleared cache – what will I lose if I clear data? Options, customization, I assume… BTW, this week shows in regular calendar fine.

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