Calendar Pad v3.2.0 Released

Calendar Pad / Pro v3.2.0 Released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Agenda/Search view: Added calendar select function.
  • Search view: Added begin-end date for searching.
  • Week view: Added left-to-right direction to the week view theme.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

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Calendar Pad v3.1.0 Released

Calendar Pad / Pro v3.1.0 released.

This release contains following changes:

  • Fixes all-day event edit bugs.
  • New feature : Event filters

Event filters

The event filters allow you to change the color of a day-box  that contain an event that has specified keyword.

For example, if you have entered birthday events that include ‘Birthday’ in its title or description. When you create an event filter such keyword is ‘Birthday’, you will see specified colored day-box as your settings.

This feature currently supports for changing background color of Month views, Week views, Month widget, Week widget and Outlook widget.

Calendar Pad Pro extend to unlimited items of event filter.

Calendar Pad v3.0.0 Released

Containing the following fixes.

  • Android 5 support: fixes problem when running on Android 5 devices.
  • Improve UI response: removed many obstacle process that aren’t needed for the app. Now you can use the interface without problem, search for articles online, answer messages, even read reviews about baby strollers!


  • Removed unused permissions.

v3.0.3, v3.0.4:

  • Fixes all day event bugs.


  • Fixes event time edit bugs.

v.3.0.6 (Jul 11 2015):

  • Fixes event time edit bugs caused by wrong time zone treatment.

Recovering gone calendar events (消えた予定の復旧)

If your events are gone suddenly, you may have a problem in the stock calendar app. Try the following operation.

  1. Open menu in the home screen and select “Settings”.
  2. Select “Applications” in the menu.
  3. Select “Manage applications” in the menu.
  4. Select “All” tab and select “Calendar Storage” in the list.
  5. Tap “Clear data” button and execute.
  6. Open the stock calendar and select “Calendars” menu, then blank list is shown, and just exit.
  7. In minutes, you will get events synced.

* If the above process doesn’t make things good, try to reset syncing. In the “Calendars” menu of the stock app, once remove all syncs and add them again.


  1. ホーム画面でメニューキーをして「設定」を選択
  2. 「アプリケーション」を選択
  3. 「アプリケーションの管理」を選択
  4. 画面上部にある「すべて」タブを選択して「カレンダーの保存」を選択
  5. 「データの消去」を実行
  6. 標準カレンダーアプリを開き、メニューの「カレンダー」を開く。画面が開いたらそのまま閉じる。
  7. 数分で同期が再実行されます。


Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.7 Released

Changes in this release:

  • Added context menu items of deleting, editing and duplicating into Agenda View and pop-upped event list (long-pressing).
  • Added smaller size fonts to choices.
  • Month/Week widget: added the adjustment option to show past/future calendar.
  • Outlook Bar widget: in addition to the above option, added an option to change how many days to show.


  • 予定表ビューやポップアップ表示の予定項目長押しメニューによる、予定の削除・編集・複製
  • より小さいフォントサイズを指定可能に
  • 月・週ウィジェット:過去や未来も表示できるよう貼り付け時のオプション項目を追加
  • Outlook Barウィジェット:表示開始日と表示日数を変更できるよう、貼り付け時のオプション項目を追加
Customization of Outlook Bar widget

Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.6 Released

This release includes the followings:
  • Fixed that day of the week disappeared on the Today widget when Sunday.
  • Fixed default time of adding event (long-pressing daybox in Month View and Week View).
  • Added a function of duplicating event (long-pressing event in Agenda View).
  • Added an ad in the bottom of the preference screen and ad requires internet-access permission.
  • Internet access is also used for adding more complex functions with accessing my server programs. (now under development)


Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.5 Released

This release includes the following:
  • Agenda View and Day View can be selected as default view.
  • Added an option to select font size for Agenda View.
  • Improved some calendar drawing.
  • Added a day of the week to Outlook Bar widget.
  • Added an option Sunday’s date text color. (pro)
  • デフォルトビューとして1日ビューと予定表ビューを選択できるように。
  • 予定表ビューのフォントサイズを変更できるように。
  • カレンダー描画処理を少し改良。
  • 4×1 Outlook Barウィジェットに曜日の表示を追加。
  • 日曜日の文字色カスタマイズ項目を追加。