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What happens when you change to new phone

Note that you should check what kind of calendar you are using before change phones. You may have to backup your events to Google calendar or other online calendar provider (such as Samsung account). As far as I have tried to transfer ‘My calendar’ events from Galaxy note 3 to Galaxy s6, synchronization via cloud seems not working. It perhaps need to use PC sync tools such as ‘Kies’. It’s bit troublesome.

It is recommended to use Google calendars to store your events and ensure that they are synchronized.

If your events are entered in Google Calendar’s calendar, then no worry. The events are shown in new phone as long as you are setting up with same Google account.

Events/Calendars are gone

Check synchronization settings of calendars. That should be shown in account settings of your device’s settings. You can choose calendars to sync.

After you set it up, they will show up in Calendar Pad’s settings. If you still not be able to find them, try Calendar settings > (menu key) > Reset that revives invisible calendars.

Recently added calendar doesn’t show up in Calendar Pad settings

Calendar Pad memorizes available calendars on the device when the app starts. Calendars that are added after once Calendar Pad started can’t be looked up. (It is known bug)

To avoid this problem, you need to stop the app and restart by using task management app or just restart the phone.

How to add the national holiday calendar

To add extra calendars open Google Calendar with a full browser (PC or Mac etc.) and you can search various calendars to add.

Events I don’t want to see are displayed (or opposite it).

Select which calendar to show by Calendars settings in the app settings.

How to integrate to-do lists

Calendar Pad supports below apps to integrate tasks.

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6 thoughts on “Calendar Pad FAQ”

  1. I recently had a upgrade from calendar pad pro. Since the update I am unable to see the time in the daily event that is saved. Instead all it does is hover the event near where the time maybe. How do I get it to show the time and event like before the update

  2. I don’t like the update. Thd scheduled items that we’re in calendar prior to update shows up 3 times on scheduled day and it won’t allow me to delete in series as previous. I have to delete individually. I don’t like it. How can this be fixed? I don’t like the fact that I can save events as repeated events. I’m using samsung galaxy s5 active

  3. Even after trying your solutions for events/calendars nor showing up they still do not. I even uninstalled, rein as talked and tried the steps again and they still don’t show up.
    Please advise.

  4. Why can’t I change the color of a calendar? Until phone upgrade I could,

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