Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.6 Released

This release includes the followings:
  • Fixed that day of the week disappeared on the Today widget when Sunday.
  • Fixed default time of adding event (long-pressing daybox in Month View and Week View).
  • Added a function of duplicating event (long-pressing event in Agenda View).
  • Added an ad in the bottom of the preference screen and ad requires internet-access permission.
  • Internet access is also used for adding more complex functions with accessing my server programs. (now under development)


Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.5 Released

This release includes the following:
  • Agenda View and Day View can be selected as default view.
  • Added an option to select font size for Agenda View.
  • Improved some calendar drawing.
  • Added a day of the week to Outlook Bar widget.
  • Added an option Sunday’s date text color. (pro)
  • デフォルトビューとして1日ビューと予定表ビューを選択できるように。
  • 予定表ビューのフォントサイズを変更できるように。
  • カレンダー描画処理を少し改良。
  • 4×1 Outlook Barウィジェットに曜日の表示を追加。
  • 日曜日の文字色カスタマイズ項目を追加。

Calendar Pad for Android OS 1.5

The Calendar Pad that supports android OS 1.5 is not available in android market because that version confused users who were using newer version of android. Instead of being published in android market, I publish here as apk file. If you search for Calendar Pad and your phone is running on android OS 1.5, download the file below.

[CalendarPad-v1.1.1-a15-free.apk] Don’t download this file if your phone can download the calendar pad from android market, because this apk is optimized for only android OS 1.5.

Calendar Pad v1.2.2 Released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v.1.2.2

The changes in this release are the following:

  • Added the simple event editing feature, for the phones that had not been supported.
  • Show tasks from Astrid

See also: Online Document


  • 予定の簡易編集画面を追加(これまで編集画面が表示できなかった機種向け)
  • Astridのタスクを表示できるようにしました