Calendar Pad v3.2.0 Released

Calendar Pad / Pro v3.2.0 Released

This release includes the following changes:

  • Agenda/Search view: Added calendar select function.
  • Search view: Added begin-end date for searching.
  • Week view: Added left-to-right direction to the week view theme.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

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5 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v3.2.0 Released”

  1. After update today, will not open app. Tried rebooting Android phone, still doesn’t work.

  2. Hi Steve, I have released v3.2.1 that may solve your problem. Please try it.

  3. My calendar refuses to let me add in a weekly repeat. Or, if it does allow it, it shows up on the wrong day of the week.
    I love this app. Help, please.

  4. 2 things please I paid for the Pro and when I got a new phone it does not com back, I don’t want to pay again, also my Facebook friends birthdays r syncing to the calendar pad and there is no option to stop it. It does not sync with any other calander, I do have it unchecked from Facebbok???

  5. For the longest time after an update, I cannot edit anything except text size. No color or anything. I had to reset my phone and now all the calendar events are the same color. Biggest thing is I cannot effort any color for anything.

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