Calendar Pad v3.1.0 Released

Calendar Pad / Pro v3.1.0 released.

This release contains following changes:

  • Fixes all-day event edit bugs.
  • New feature : Event filters

Event filters

The event filters allow you to change the color of a day-box  that contain an event that has specified keyword.

For example, if you have entered birthday events that include ‘Birthday’ in its title or description. When you create an event filter such keyword is ‘Birthday’, you will see specified colored day-box as your settings.

This feature currently supports for changing background color of Month views, Week views, Month widget, Week widget and Outlook widget.

Calendar Pad Pro extend to unlimited items of event filter.

One thought on “Calendar Pad v3.1.0 Released”

  1. Thank you very much Calendar Pad.  I especially like the week view.
    But I do have a wish concerning the Search option: Can you make in search in all of the calendar entries instead of only the future ones?
    If so, then please add the year to the results

    Thank you very much

    Mans Lameer 

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