Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.7 Released

Changes in this release:

  • Added context menu items of deleting, editing and duplicating into Agenda View and pop-upped event list (long-pressing).
  • Added smaller size fonts to choices.
  • Month/Week widget: added the adjustment option to show past/future calendar.
  • Outlook Bar widget: in addition to the above option, added an option to change how many days to show.


  • 予定表ビューやポップアップ表示の予定項目長押しメニューによる、予定の削除・編集・複製
  • より小さいフォントサイズを指定可能に
  • 月・週ウィジェット:過去や未来も表示できるよう貼り付け時のオプション項目を追加
  • Outlook Barウィジェット:表示開始日と表示日数を変更できるよう、貼り付け時のオプション項目を追加
Customization of Outlook Bar widget

6 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.7 Released”

  1. You have created the best calendar app!! its perfect!! Thank you.

    If I could add one thing that is missing is option to choose between themes (created by you). its hard to customize themes since you cant preview them..

    Can you please do another app to sync with google TASKS??
    I would pay for it aswell!! you can see “geetasks” for the iphone to get some ideias…

    thanks in advance!!

    p.s: I would love to help you (with ideas) creating a tasks app. if you want my help send me an email!


  2. Am using the free version, and am very satisfied with it, but i eould like some black theme. Have the pro version something like that? Can u send me a screenshot how it looks? Thanks

  3. can I choose different calendars in “edit mode” like what I can do in “add event” mode?

  4. I bought Calendar pad pro v. 1.3.7. about three weeks ago. Now, it always fails license checking and I can’t use it. Please repair the software mailed to me. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy ACE GT S5830 and phone number is the one near name.
    In addition, where can I find instructions to modify themes?
    Many things.

  5. Great app, I have the pro one. Can you make the option to change the color of the text of the week. PLZ

  6. I am recently bought a Moto Photon to trplace Moto Drilood X, and and have loved CalPro even on Photon until the last week. Now when I enter a time onstandard / stock calendar it shows up 1 hour later on calendar head. This small shortcoming makes calendar pad useless. I removed all reminders and no joy. What do be done to fix this? Thanks.

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