Recovering gone calendar events (消えた予定の復旧)

If your events are gone suddenly, you may have a problem in the stock calendar app. Try the following operation.

  1. Open menu in the home screen and select “Settings”.
  2. Select “Applications” in the menu.
  3. Select “Manage applications” in the menu.
  4. Select “All” tab and select “Calendar Storage” in the list.
  5. Tap “Clear data” button and execute.
  6. Open the stock calendar and select “Calendars” menu, then blank list is shown, and just exit.
  7. In minutes, you will get events synced.

* If the above process doesn’t make things good, try to reset syncing. In the “Calendars” menu of the stock app, once remove all syncs and add them again.


  1. ホーム画面でメニューキーをして「設定」を選択
  2. 「アプリケーション」を選択
  3. 「アプリケーションの管理」を選択
  4. 画面上部にある「すべて」タブを選択して「カレンダーの保存」を選択
  5. 「データの消去」を実行
  6. 標準カレンダーアプリを開き、メニューの「カレンダー」を開く。画面が開いたらそのまま閉じる。
  7. 数分で同期が再実行されます。


38 thoughts on “Recovering gone calendar events (消えた予定の復旧)”

  1. I havelost data on my calander & have tried to correct. The instuction state to clear data & the only option I have is to uninstall. Should I do that?

  2. Hi alyssa kwiatkowski. I have missed one step and just fixed the list. After this operation, calendar data is temporally cleared but it will soon be back.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been trying to figure out this problem since January!

  4. Well….I now realize these steps brought some events back but made others disappear again!?? So frustrating! Lol

  5. アップデートをしたらスケジュールが消えてしまいました。復旧をしたいのですが、示していただいている手順のアプリケーションの管理を開いても「カレンダー」とか「カレンダーの保存」という文字が見当たらず(当然carendar padはあります)、復旧できずにいます。アンインストールして再インストールすべきでしょうか?

  6. hirayamaさん。記事を追記しました。「カレンダーの保存」が見当たらない場合は標準カレンダーの同期設定をやり直してみてください。よろしくお願いします。

  7. MoaiAppsさん。「全て」というのはアプリケーションの管理のフィルターの設定のことですね(IS03)。ご指摘の通り、そもそも標準カレンダーの同期が切れていたようでした。おかげさまでスケジュールを復旧することができました。こちらの言葉足らずな状況の説明にも関わらず、ご対応ありがとうございました。

  8. 上記手順が出来ないので、臨時措置の同期のやり直しを行いましたが一向に復旧しません。

  9. this didn’t fix the, problem for me. I followed directions, but still nothing shows. when I click a date to add new info it says “you have no calendars”

  10. Where is my data?? Can’t try your fix as my version ( updated yestetday) doesn’t have the options listed above. Please help. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared cache too

  11. Added description in this article. If the problem is not fixed, try to reset sync settings.

  12. スケジュールの同期が出来ず、端末のスケジュールが消えてしまいました。グーグルのサーバには以前のスケジュールは残っています。解決方法を教えて下さい。

  13. 浅野晋さん。こんにちは。このページの手順では古い予定は同期されなくなります。これは標準カレンダーの仕様です。古い予定をCalendar Pad上でも確認できる方法については開発を検討中です。

  14. Hi there!

    God the same problem here. Tried everything, can’t get either calender pad nor the stock version to work…

  15. lose the events after upgrading yr system. Following yr recommedaton. What & where is “stock calendar”.


  16. Events are gone after update to cp pro 1.3.13-pro on HTC Z, even on HTC calendar gadget . Changed Widget, uninstalled app, switched off phone…nothing works!
    Could you send me a working version to download, urgently.

  17. Hi Mark,
    You don’t have to do every time, because this issue is caused by the stock calendar app, not by Calendar Pad.
    Thank you,

  18. Having a small issue after updating firmware on my Galaxy S, from official 2.2 to official 2.3.3. I have always disabled data access, both on 3G and on WiFi and I only sync manually on Wifi when needed.

    The problem is that now, on 2.3.3 with calendar pad 1.4.3, when I turn the phone one, the calendar pad 4×1 widget I am using remains empty. If I click on it and the month view is selected, everything is shown there fine. If I get back to the widget it is still empty.

    IIRC, it starts displaying things in the widget again when I select “App Info” -> Document. Is this possibly a bug?

  19. What is the “stock” calendar??? I’ve recently updated the operating system for my droid 2. Battery pull didn’t work.

  20. Live this app. My only problem is that I have event in my Google and the phones calendar but any event that occured prior to September 2 is not showing up on your application – calendar pad pro. I have the Sprint EVO 3d

  21. How do you sync calender pad with my outlook email —not good if you cannot

  22. Hi, I use calendar pad pro for my workingplan (i work in shifts) on my nook color tab using android 2.2.3 and on my HTC wildfire using android 2.3. In my googlemail and on my htc Ican see all my task/shifts. On my nook I can’t see any tasks/shifts later middle of december 2012. All tasks earlier are shown. I already tried to clear the calendar storage. But after clearing still only task to middle of december 2012 are displayed.Can you help please.

  23. I Have a new galaxy nexus s and i can’t see any color on mu calender but all my appointment are there in grey color. I can’t work on the old appointement. Can you Help me?

  24. My events are there but they won’t show up on the month view. Just day view. How do I fix that?

  25. The last 2.0 update is a crap. The full day events aren’t showed in ‘Month view’ but they appear in ‘Agenda view’ or in stock calendar. The new transparent widget is a mess, and the event text blur with the background, how can I disable this nonsense?

  26. i can not see all my events. I tried the suggestions above and none worked. please help

  27. All my “all day” events (an events that last several days)can not be seen in the month view. Before the upgrade to 2.0 I could see it in the month view. How can I correct it? I did the suggestions of clearing data in the stock calendar and resyncing.

  28. I used to like Calendar Pad but now my past events are disappearing and I can’t see any settings to disable this from occurring?

  29. Like those before me, I’ve followed your instructions however this has not resolved the issue completely.
    It will show some items on a given day, but not all of them and on other days when there is something scheduled it shows nothing. If I click on any particular day the pop up shows everything scheduled.
    Please repair these issues.
    My phone is a Motorola Droid 4, OS version 2.3.6

  30. Since the last update, most of my entries over 30 days old have disappeared, and now any time I try to enter an all day event, it shows up on two consecutive days. (And when I use the popup day view, it shows two days worth of entries). I tried to clear the calendar storage as you instructed, but it didn’t work. Help!

  31. In the week widget I am only seeing future events but when I open the week view I can see all events for the week. How can I see all events in the widget too?

  32. カレンダーのデーターが表示されません。以前は時々このような現象が発生しましたが、今回はデーターが完全に復旧しなくなりました、Q&Aを参考にいろいろ試しましたが、復旧しません。ほかの方法を教えてください。

  33. Since the new update Android Jellybeans and Calendar Pad 2.1.4 it doesn’t sync anymore. Cleared Calendar Storage but Calendars option or icon is nowhere to be found…
    Please help!

    Greetz, Sonk

  34. カレンダーの保存のデータ削除をして、
    カレンダー はなく、 マイカレンダー


  35. 携帯端末はARROWS F-06Eです。カレンダーのデーターが消えて表示されません、この機種の解決方法を教えてください。

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