Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.6 Released

This release includes the followings:
  • Fixed that day of the week disappeared on the Today widget when Sunday.
  • Fixed default time of adding event (long-pressing daybox in Month View and Week View).
  • Added a function of duplicating event (long-pressing event in Agenda View).
  • Added an ad in the bottom of the preference screen and ad requires internet-access permission.
  • Internet access is also used for adding more complex functions with accessing my server programs. (now under development)


2 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro 1.3.6 Released”

  1. Thanks for the great app. I am a Calender Pro User.

    I am in desperate need of a way to hide the invitations that I have declined.

    I would also love to be able to set the number of weeks in the month view. This is my default view, but the boxes are too small to show all of my appointments. If there were less weeks, the boxes could be bigger, giving me exactly the view I want.

    It would also be nice to have smaller font sizes than 8pt.

    I absolutely love this app, and have left great reviews.

  2. Loved the smaller fonts!!
    Now we should have the option to show the TIME of the events on the Month View.
    If I could see on Month View the time and begining of event name, I wouldn’t need to change views most of the time – it would be all there!
    The smaller fonts looked great on my screen, and now there’s room for the time to be displayed too on Month View.

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