Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.5 Released

This release includes the following:
  • Agenda View and Day View can be selected as default view.
  • Added an option to select font size for Agenda View.
  • Improved some calendar drawing.
  • Added a day of the week to Outlook Bar widget.
  • Added an option Sunday’s date text color. (pro)
  • デフォルトビューとして1日ビューと予定表ビューを選択できるように。
  • 予定表ビューのフォントサイズを変更できるように。
  • カレンダー描画処理を少し改良。
  • 4×1 Outlook Barウィジェットに曜日の表示を追加。
  • 日曜日の文字色カスタマイズ項目を追加。

12 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.5 Released”

  1. Hi cbp, would you try to check your font-size setting for Agenda View? Maybe your setting is damaged. If so, you will be able to fix with resetting the font-size.

  2. Tried change font size in aganda view, but still blank/white screen.
    Same failure on my toshiba tablet, Aganda view does not work, but thank you anyway.

    Back on month view until a fix is provided 🙂

    Great work and good calender app 🙂 thumps up

  3. Since update app stopped working, does not show all google calendars, is not showing events inputted on google calendar, only does events inputted on phone, I never uninstalled and re installed more than once, please fix, this is my most favorite app, and has had no problems, I need it for work, and use it every day, week have to uninstall and use another app.

  4. Hi, the best calendar app I’ve found for Android so thanks! Just wondered what I’m doing wrong with the today widget as it still takes me to whatever the last view was that I looked at. I could have been using week view for example but then gone back to the home screen or used another app. Then later I hit the today widget expecting to just look at the day view for today, but it takes me back to the week view.
    Is this how it’s supposed to work?

    v1.3.5 on Desire HD

  5. Aganda view now work´s 100%, had to uninstall before install. Nice app 🙂

    Did get one force close when pressing outlook font size, but seems okay now

  6. Frequently (almost two times a day) the settings “Default View”, “Time format” and “Font size” get lost. “Beginning of the week” is kept.

    Any hints what to do?


    (Calendar Pad on Galaxy S)

  7. 😥 Hi I’m having almost the same problem as GRL on mij Galaxy-s: settings for ‘default view’, ‘time format’ and for ‘day view type’ are lost. With my first free version I didn’t have the problem; with the latest (free AND payed) version I’m having this problem. I love your app so hope you have the solution!

  8. Dear MoaiApps,
    When do you give an answer to my question about problems with the (payed) calender pad version?
    Do you have a solution?

  9. For Pro V1 which has a slower head velocity, it’s possible you’ll desire to think about the 2 piece Titleist DT So-Lo.

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