Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.2 Released

Changes in this release:
  • Added the 4×1 widget which shows 7 days from current day.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and optimized touch response.

Additional minor releases (as of 27th April):

  • v1.3.3 Fixed  an issue that wrong date is sometimes shown by touching at day-box.
  • v1.3.4 Fixed widget drawing bug. Improved widget drawing.

8 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.2 Released”

  1. Now cant read my widgits as writing too small…..defeats purpose for me as now have to open to read. Can’t read 4×1 either…help…..was perfect before…

  2. Sorry, I’m fixing the problem that the widgets on ldpi device are appeared wrong size. Please wait for a few days.

  3. Great App, but two wisches are resting:
    – Could you create “Settings” for the new Agenda view, like they exist for the other views “Font size” and so on?
    – In the german version in the week view the translation for the calendar week is not done, it is marked “Week #17” correct would be “Kalenderwoche #17” or “Woche #17” or as shortcut “KW #17”.
    Thank you,
    Best regards

  4. For the meantime, Only Android Market is the way to purchase. It’s under investigation for other way.

  5. Good app. Is there any way to show starttime for events in outlook bar widget and month wiew?

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