Calendar Pad 1.3.0 Released

Changes in this release:

  • Added the agenda view which shows your events in list layout.
  • Added the search function. You can search for events by using keyword.
  • Added the go-to function which enables to go where you specified date.

15 thoughts on “Calendar Pad 1.3.0 Released”

  1. Is there any way to set the color for a particular calendar. I would like to set one to be inverted, similar to the way you do all day events. It seems that setting the background color for a calendar sets that color for the whole day, not just for that entry.

  2. As of CalendarPad Pro 1.3.0 I can’t switch to “Month view” from week view anymore (which is my default view).

    Could you please fix this?

    daniel 🙂

  3. very good app!
    it only misses a way to set on/off the default reminder for every new note.
    thank you

  4. Hi, I wonder how I can change the color of only 7 days, to mark the holiday.
    Thank you very much, see you son.

  5. Very nice app! I’m only missing an agenda view for the widget.
    Many thanks,

  6. Hi there!

    First of all I really like your app! Great substitute for the stock-calendar-app on Android!

    There is only one problem I’m experiencing:
    As a desktop-widget I’m using “Anton’s Agenda Widget for Android”. When I click on this widget unfortunately the stock-android-calendar opens instead of a question-dialog on which i could choose which calendar-app I’d like to be opened (which of course would be yours 😉 ).

    The developer of the desktop-widget told me, that your Calendar Pad would have to register itself for intents with the URL content:// to make this functionality happen.
    He also gave me a link to his open-source-code which could probably help you solve my problem:

    I would be really glad if you could have a look at this and change it in the next release or even let me know if it is possible!

    Thanks & best regards

  7. Hi!

    Great app – has totally replaced the stock calendar on my device; not sure what the difference in the Pro version is but I will probably get it anyway to show my support.

    Anyway, could you change the text in the ‘Reminders’ drop-down to say “X minutes before” rather than “X minutes ago” please? Would make more sense! 😛


  8. Hi!

    1. Astrid events that are not purged are still shown in 4×4 wiget.

    2. Please improve the new event view with a calendar for choosing day (like in Calengoo).

    Thanks for a good app!

  9. Hi, All.

    Those are very helpful information to improve Calendar Pad.
    I will consider them.

    Thank you very much.

  10. I really like the way you can switch from month to week view by just slipping your finger over the week you want to see.

    Unfortunately, I accidentaly set Google “Add event” form and didn’t remember how to change it to default form, can you please tell me?

  11. Hello,

    this app is great! I love it and it works fine.

    I would only like to report a bug. If you create an appointment for 0:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00 or 18:00 and its start and end time is the same then it is not listed within the list of appoints of the timeframe you have selected.

    So, I have a appointment 9:00 to 9:00 and select 9:00 – 12:00 by touching this timeframe then the 9:00 appointment does not appear in the popup list of appointment.

    Looking forward to the fix 🙂

    Thanks in advance and best regards

  12. I love this app my only problem with it is that I have some events that get loaded from an ActiveSync calendar rather than a Google calendar and they are listed in the day view but appear to be transparent in the month view. There is space where they should be, but you can’t see them.

    I bought the pro version hoping the color customization would fix this, but it doesn’t let me change the text colors of calendars and when I change the background color the text stays transparent.

  13. Maybe, the issue of disappearing events is solved by restarting your phone.

  14. Hello,

    I find a bug in Calendar Pad, the steps is:

    1. Create a event to Google calendar(maybe use PC)
    2. Wait this event sync to Calendar Pad
    3. Change this event’s time or calendar in Google calendar
    4. At this time, this event which in Calendar Pad will not be change
  15. Any chance of adding a setting to change the opacity of the widget? I’d like to make it less see through because my wallpaper is distracting.

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