Calendar Pad for Android OS 1.5

The Calendar Pad that supports android OS 1.5 is not available in android market because that version confused users who were using newer version of android. Instead of being published in android market, I publish here as apk file. If you search for Calendar Pad and your phone is running on android OS 1.5, download the file below.

[CalendarPad-v1.1.1-a15-free.apk] Don’t download this file if your phone can download the calendar pad from android market, because this apk is optimized for only android OS 1.5.

7 thoughts on “Calendar Pad for Android OS 1.5”

  1. Hi
    Your calendar is very usefull, at my htc Hero, but it need some important, week numbers!!
    Is there an update with that on?

  2. I absolutely love the pro app however since I purchased it, I’m unable to use the 4×4 widget. Keeps saying “problems loading the widget”and it disappears from my home screen. This is very frustrating since I did purchase the app and am unable to use it. Help!

  3. Hello and thank you for this app.
    Why don’t my tasks show up in the calendar? I have checked the corresponding checkbox in settings.

  4. カレンダーフ。ロを使ってますが、祭日の
    色かえの方法 を教えて下さい。

  5. Hello Moai, I’ve got the same problem as Michael: my activitylist does not show up in my calender. I’m using Astrid. What can I do?

  6. I have the free calendar app for the android OS and I have a suggestion that maybe you can take into consideration, would it be possible that maybe in the update you can put in a color option of green for when you open up the calendar to put in your events, right now the current color is yellow and I want to change the background color of my calendar to green but they isn’t a optio8n to change the color, would it be possible to fix that so when the next update comes that color changing option is available??
    Thank you for taking the time out to read my suggestion and hopefully that color changing option will soon become available to those who have the calender app for Android OS 2.2, thanks again for listening

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