Calendar Pad v1.2.6 Released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v1.2.6 (including 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5)

This series of release fixes force closing issue.

Nov 27 Additional fix for force closing was released (v1.2.6)


36 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v1.2.6 Released”

  1. cannot find pro version at korea market.
    I have bought pro version
    I cannot download it
    how to download program…

  2. Hi guys, is it possible to have a function where we could choose a different colour for each event during the day.

  3. 지난 번에 영어로 프로젼을 찾을 수 없다고 말했는데 아무런 대답이 없어 이번에는 한글로 메세지로 남깁니다. 정말 어이없는 에러도 많이 생기고 승질나서 못 쓰겠음! 그리고 프로버젼을 못 찾게 놔두려면 환불 해야겠음! 무슨 공지같은 것도 안하고 제작자가 이렇게 짜증나는 인간일줄이야..

  4. Love the calendar pad app. Will you be adding sync capabilities with hotmail active sync or syncing with the corporate calendar on the android? That is the only issue I have.

  5. I just updated to latest version (free). Now I can create a new widget. I get to the 4 x 4 screen. The a force close. 🙁 Why send out update information with the text “fix for force close” when the update actually CAUSES force close errors??

  6. I cannot always view appointments on calendar. Most of the time its a blank calendar. Very aggravating.

  7. Calendar Pad v1.2.6 gives me force close every time I try to add the widget. I have reinstalled the app several times, rebooting the phone inbetween, but the problem remains. Please look into it. Note: it is the latest version I am using. Ironically, I never had force close problems until installing the new version that was said to solve force close problems.

  8. お世話になっております。
    私の端末にはジョルテもインストールしており、TPOにあわせて使い分けております。Calendar Padを導入当初は”予定の追加”を行う際に標準カレンダーとジョルテの選択ができていましたが、現在は標準カレンダーの予定入力場面が自動的に立ち上がるようになっております。ジョルテの予定入力を利用することは可能でしょうか?ご回答いただければ幸いです。(ジョルテの予定入力には現在の時刻を1 pushで入力できるボタンがついており、重宝しております)

  9. I love the look of the week view, but it isn’t picking up my data at all, all I get is a lovely blank calendar. Please fix!! ❗

  10. Hello,
    is it possible to see Astrid tasks in the week view of the free CalendarPad version?
    Currently Astrid task are NOT shown in CalendarPad even though I have activated the tick box saying “show astrid task” in the settings?
    Please advise what to do in order to see Astrid tasks.


  11. Hi, you’ve developed a great app. Nice appearance with functions. I’ve used it for months. But I would you would add a refresh function so that I can refresh the calendar pad to see immediate result from sync. Jon

  12. Is it possible to make this widget work when the LCD density is changed from the default? Every other widget I have works just fine with the changed density, except this one.

    That would be very much appreciated!

  13. I’m unable to erase calander events, and if does work they will reappear the next time I launch calander pad. Can anyone help me with this problem?

  14. Hi,

    can’t see any of my outlook dates on my new motorola defy…. 🙁


  15. I have purchased on Android Market, but I am unable to install – app is simply net even downloaded. Using LG Optimus one. Please help!

  16. I can not get 2011 Holiday’s to down load. It will give me Sept – Nov. Help

  17. Great app better than HTC’s own and all others out there, only two things I am wondering about, if you have more than two events in one day you cannot see them in month view, is it possible to have events scrolling so you know there is more events you cannot see or maybe a setting you can tick to places a small icon on that date so you know there are multiple appointments on that day. Also when you select hour splitter instead of the area you can select remaining a set width and the screen scrolling it gets smaller and smaller so you cannot select them, can the screen be set to scroll instead. Thanks again. Hope you get what I mean.

  18. I can’t see where can be changed the text color in the pro vversion.
    I paid for the pro to change orange in grey, and up to now, I paid for nothing…

  19. Recently, I use this on my Nexus S with CyanogenMOD7.
    I can choose my calendar only two though I have 4 calendars in my Google Calendar. Help.

  20. When I travel the times get changed for the time zone. Is there a way to stop this?

  21. Calendar working fine until few days ago when it started crashing. I can’t get into app at all now. I’ve tried syncing and. Uniinstalling and clearing data to no avail.

    What else can I do?

  22. Thanks a lot for this great app. One of the best agenda/calendar replacement on Android.

    On my wish list:

    1) What about translations? I’m pretty sure that many folks in the current Calendar Pad user-base would be willing to contribute to translation in various languages (I’m volunteer for French!). In fact, all is needed is instructions from developer on how to proceed…

    2) Search function

    Thanks again.

  23. Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. I have been considering about translation. I think of consulting those who are possible to translate when I decided how to do it better.

    And, The search function is planned in future version. I’m happy if you can wait it.

    Thank you,

  24. hi
    I find a bug in v1.2.6,
    when a event initially set “ALL DAY” and sync to phone,
    then change this event to a period(no longer all day ) in PC,
    this event will not be sync to phone

  25. Hi, I would like to add agenda view to this great app. Thx. If you need volunters for translation, than I can be translator to Czech.

  26. I used to have a 30 minute pop-up reminder set as a default (which is what I have on my Google Calendar). I had to reset my phone to factory settings and after the reinstall, there is a 10-minute reminder that seems to be the default and I cannot seem to find a place to change my default. Am I missing something? I seem to think I had set it as a preference originally…did you take that away in the upgrade?

  27. Libor A., Thank you. I’m preparing for new version. After the new version is stabilized, I’d like to consult about translation.

  28. I’ve been using your calendar pro for a while. Love it. No problems. Now, all of a sudden, one of my Google calendar is not showing. I’ve checked settings, both native and yours, and the missing calendar is checked on. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  29. Calendar Pad Pro just stopped me from throwing my new phone off the balcony! Thank you!

    My only request for future version would be if it could display Outlook category colors. That would be perfect!

  30. Love the app, but after upgrading, now am missing one of my Google calendars (and only one, as the other 3 that I have displayed show fine).


  31. Like calendar pad. Clear. Simple. Works. Search function would help.

  32. Latest update (1.2.6-2-pro) made this otherwise very good calendar almost useless, at least for me.

    From time to time it does some paranoid license checking, and if I am not online, it goes blank – very annoying.

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