Calendar Pad v1.2.2 Released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v.1.2.2

The changes in this release are the following:

  • Added the simple event editing feature, for the phones that had not been supported.
  • Show tasks from Astrid

See also: Online Document


  • 予定の簡易編集画面を追加(これまで編集画面が表示できなかった機種向け)
  • Astridのタスクを表示できるようにしました


13 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v1.2.2 Released”

  1. こんにちは、毎日便利に使わせていただいてます。今回のタスク対応とてもありがたいです。早速Astridをインストールしてみました。

    タスクの登録、完了はうまくいったのですが削除がCarendar Padに反映されません。私の環境に依存する現象かも知れませんが、報告まで。

  2. Hi, I bought your app a few months ago, but the pro version doesn’t show up in the market anymore! I am not able to update to the latest version.

    I’ve got a Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 update-1. Please help!

  3. V 1.2.2 pro week view shows LAST week.
    Must press This week in order to see current week.

  4. Have the Pro version. The widget (4×4, week) frequently shows no items. Sometimes it shows nothing at all (completely invisible). HTC Legend, android 2.1

  5. When you listed the changes for the recent update you forgot to add that it erases the pro version and reverts it back to just basic Calendar Pad.

  6. I have Calendar Pad but would like to know if the Pro version syncs with Google Tasks.

  7. Is there any way to make the widget expand to fill more of the screen on higher-resolution devices? The text is too small to read.

  8. Since this last update, the application crashes all the time. Im using 2.1 android. The error is: the proces is unexpectedly stopped. Please try again.

  9. Same problem as described by “bram”
    Using samsung galaxy IS 9000 android 2.1

  10. Best app. I think.
    But it needs agenda menu (likely to calendar) in option button in month view or week view.

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