Calendar Pad v1.2.0 Released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v1.2.0 was released.

The changes in this release is the following:

  • Increased widget sizes : as well as 4×4 or 4×3, added new 4×2 3×4 3×3 widgets.
  • Some bugs were fixed.

See also: Online Document

I have modified to some extent the internal design of the app to become easier to improve. I have not yet lived up to many suggestions, but I will develop continuously. Thanks for being user of Calendar Pad.

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v1.2.0 was released.

7 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v1.2.0 Released”

  1. Great app. Please keep the updates coming. A 4×1 day widget would be great!

  2. Great job! I tried many calender apps before finding Calendar Pad and never looked back. My only wish is for a darker interface. Thanks for your hated work.

  3. please add a week widget like jorte calendar!

    sizes: 4×1 (1 week) or 4×2 (2week) would be perfect!

    now using blik for this…


  4. Are we able to edit entries yet? Is the update available now? Qhata rhe best way to update?

  5. Since this newest update I am not finding anywhere I can ‘add event’ from my phone. It does not give me this option at all. Am I missing something or was this option taken away. I need to be able to add appointments to my calendar via my phone. Please help.

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