Beacon v1.0.3 Released

Added a function to record your phone’s battery level. It can be found in Beacon Console.

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Beacon v1.0.3 リリース

バッテリー残量の記録機能を追加しました。Beacon Consoleにて確認できます。


8 thoughts on “Beacon v1.0.3 Released”

  1. Event History

    Submitted “Lock” command via another PC.
    Couple of minutes later, HTC Aria locked by Beacon.
    Leave the phone for a while, press the POWER button to wake up the phone. Phone can be use again without re-issuing “Unlock” command.

    Weird! Unlocked that easy?

  2. It may behave like that if the command queue is delayed. Would you check the Lock Status on Beacon Console? It should be same as the phone’s status. If not, It may be a bug. In any case, I will examine it. Thank you.

  3. One hour later, the Beacon lock the phone again. Very weird~, very unstable. 👿

    Proceed with uninstallation until more stable version.

  4. This is responding to the admins’ question, the status is shown as “DONE” in Beacon Console. So far, no “Unlock” command being issued through the test period.

    Another Possible Tricks to “Unlocked” the phone.
    When the phone is locked by Beacon, i try call the phone via another line. HTC Aria allows call to be answered, bypassing locked status. After hang-up, the phone can be used like usual, i can then go in and kill the Beacon program.

  5. After all, i must say that the author(s) of the Beacon program has a very unique differentiation factors compare to the other program in Android market. However, it still need more time for testing and to stabilize the codes.

    Great job and keep up the efforts! Cheers~

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