Froyo doesn’t show Pro ver. (FroyoにてPro版が見えない)

Currently, Calendar Pad Pro is not visible in Froyo’s market. It seems a temporary issue until the non-tester’s Froyo is released. Free version doesn’t have such issue.

Jul 4th 2010, p.s. This issue was solved in official OTA (FRF85B). Now, Pro version can be found in the Android Market.

Sep 7th 2010, p.s. I’m examining the problems reported in comments/emails. I’d like to release the fixes in late October. Thank you for reporting.

Calendar PadのPro版は、現在、Froyoのマーケットからは見えません。これはおそらく、正式なFroyoがリリースされることで解決されると思われます。正式なFroyoがリリースされるまでの間、Calendar Pad無料版をご利用いただくようお願いいたします。

21 thoughts on “Froyo doesn’t show Pro ver. (FroyoにてPro版が見えない)”

  1. Hi there. Wouldn’t it be possible to add small weeknumbers in the month view. Maybe displayed as (#45) in the bar of the first day of the week?

    Other than that the application very useful and recommendable to anybody…
    Best regards



    アプリケーションは、非常に有用で誰にもお勧めです… -4良い仕事を続けてください。/この調子で頑張ってください。/引き続きよろしくお願いします。

  2. I agree! Weeknumbers are very commonly used here in Europe. It would be very helpful to get these!

  3. Why I cannot make Sunday as the start of my week even though I have set in the setting.

  4. Thanks for a really nice app.

    One bug I’ve noticed:
    If you are in day view and touch a time slot, the pop-up event list doesn’t display zero-length events (ie those which start and end at the same time).

    (HTC Desire).

  5. Hi,
    I just upgraded to Pro, so I feel I can now make some requests, guilt free 🙂
    The reminders don’t seem to be synced with Google. The only way to set a default reminder time is with the native Calender app, but this seems to override the default that is set online with Google. I have the default set to 10 minutes and 1 hour. But the native app only allows for a single default setting. Please either set your own default or honor the online setting.

  6. hello. I love your app and have the pro version. I just updated my htc evo to android 2.2 and now I can not edit events in cal pad pro. I have to go to the stock calendar to edit events. Please help!!!

  7. Hi, and thanks for a great calendar. I only miss one thing, and that is the option to start a munual sync with my exchange account, like the HTC Sense calendar.

  8. I’m a bit disappointed in the response for support. I bought the Pro version with the anticipation that further development was still going on. Not sure if this is the best place to ask for support.

    One problem I have is going to a specific date. For example, I just needed to set a calendar entry for April 2011. I have my calendar set to show weeks. Even if I change to show a month at a time, as soon as I scroll to the right, it changes to weeks. It took a log of scrolling to go from August 2010 to April 2011. Please provide a better way.

  9. Hello,
    First I want to say that I love the calendar pad app. The only problem I am having is if my husband adds something from his account it is not shown on my calendar. We use google calendar and it is my calendar, but he has full privileges with my calendar. Is there a way to fix that? Does this happen with the pro version.

  10. I have calendar pad pro, was working fine with 2.2 until today when it stopped pulling my entire schedule over from google calendar. Now only part of my appointments pull over. I’ve tried to uninstall and re-install with no improvement. ??

  11. Nice program. Problem with 2.2 now is this. If i go to edit an event from.your program it brings me to event details in the native calendar on incredible. You can no longer edit events from “eventdetails” so you have to back out to agenda, but this puts you in the agenda for today, not for the date you were on. So you have to scroll back thru to the event again. Can you help. Thanks.

  12. Great app… have pro… however — since froyo update on my htc incredible cannot edit events in event info screen… have to open agenda, then scroll to day to edit event. then when saved does not stay on scrolled to day. Used to be able to edit right from event details screen…. please fix this.

  13. I love the app (pro) but you can’t really mean fixing no editing of events in froyo 2.2 will really have to wait until late October!

  14. I love this app! Only prob I’ve noticed is when I rotate phone (from portrait to landscape and vice versa), not only does it rotate the view but it switches to a different day. If I rotate back it stays on the same day it switched to. This is in the day view but seems to happen with other views, too. I have a Moto Droid original with Froyo using Calendar Pad Pro.

  15. It force closes on my Samsung Captivate… I loved this app when I had a backflip, but it won’t load at all for me on my new phone…

  16. excellent.tried free app then purchased straight away to support!!

    please add “jorte’s” horizontal 4×1 week widget and new themes for perfection!!!

  17. On my Samsung Galaxy S (2.1) the Calendar Pad Pro version works excellent (German app store). After updating the OS to 2.2.1 I cannot reinstall Calendar Pad Pro app again (not listed in market). How do I get support of you??? I didn’t find any contact info. Please help!

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