Flower Garden v0.5.0 BETA test started

What is this?

The Flower Garden is an Android widget app. Latest articles are here.


To put an flower pot, add “New pot” as a widget on your home screen. So is perfect for anyone that loves doing gardening or decorating it with glow in the dark garden pebbles you can even purchase online.

How to put a flower pot
How to put a flower pot

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19 thoughts on “Flower Garden v0.5.0 BETA test started”

  1. I a droid-x with. Android 2.1 update 1 through Verizon. I started with the free version then upgraded. I had multiple calandars in google and they showed in free version. When I upgraded I also deleted my other calendars from google because I could not get them to switch in the settings tab. I only have one google calander but the old ones still show. I have deleted and reinstalled. The widgets. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have killed all apps and rebooted my phone and the old calenders still show.They will not turn off in settings. Please see if you can help as I really like this app. Thanks, Bruce

  2. Como hago para que crezcan las plantas? No entiendo la aplicación. Can the flowers grow? I don’t understand this application. Please help!

  3. To get the flowers grow, put a flower pot to home screen and wait a day. The flowers will grow up step by step.

    (machine translation) Para conseguir las flores crecen, ponen un pote de flor a la pantalla casera y esperan un día. Las flores crecerán paso a paso.

  4. Please add more pots and flowers!! If you did, I’m sure you’d eventually have buyers for a paid version – especially if you added the option of sharing a grown plant via SMS and/or email and importing such gifts to the recipient’s home page if they have either a free or paid version. Another app, Daisy Garden, even assigns its flowers scanner codes, but that’s a bit much, IMHO. : )

  5. love this app. so cool.looks great on my lg optimus. but…please provide more instructions, like what happens if you tap the shovel button, or what does it mean when flowers are in storage?and if possible, would love more flower choices and maybe for them to grow taller:-).

  6. Great app! Just needs some more flowers, maybe a rose, or a daisy, or a pansy. Thanks for creating such a great app!

  7. Great app! Just needs some more flowers, maybe a rose, or a daisy, or a pansy. Thanks for creating such a great app! A way to share the flowers would be nice too..

  8. I would love it if you could add more flowers and options. plus some social stuff would be cool too! like snending flowers to others and stuff!

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