Calendar Pad v1.1.1 released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro / Calendar Pad for Android 1.5 version 1.1.1 (include 1.1.0) released.

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed the problem some widgets didn’t update.
  • Improved the event pickup dialog.
  • Added options to select what action to do when daybox is pressed.
  • (from 1.1.0) Fixed the problem that the wrong text was shown in settings screen.

NOTICE: The problem still exist, If you use a HTC Desire (and maybe some other HTC phones also), after editing an all-day event, its date will be wrong date. I’m examining it.


  • 一部のウィジェットが更新されない問題を修正しました。
  • 予定のピックアップダイアログを改良しました。
  • 一日表示の方法を選択できるようにしました。

ご注意: HTC Desireにて終日予定を編集すると、その予定の日付おかしくなってしまう問題が報告されています。この問題は現在調査中となっています。

The problem still exist, If you use a HTC Desire (and maybe some
other HTC phones also), after editing an all-day event, its date
will be wrong date.

13 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v1.1.1 released”

  1. Hi,
    the setting “native day view” still opens the original calendar in month view instead of day view (HTC Desire) but its not a real problem anymore since calendar pad itself now opens events in view mode instead of edit mode. Thanks.
    The orientation bug still exists. Open calendar pad, scroll to a different day/week/month, then change orientation of your mobile device to horizontal and it jumps back to the day/week/month it was opened with.
    The widget seems to update now if anything changes.

    I just checked for the wrong date on editing an all day event and found that it happens on my desire too. Haven’t noticed it before. Edit an all day event from tuesday an the edit dialogue shows wednesday. Edit it again and it moves to thursday and so on. Editing it in the original calendar works as expected.

    Again thank you for the work

  2. I now have the bug that the widget (4×3) shrinks sometimes for no reason.

  3. イベントの詳細表示の件、対応ありがとうございました!これで、僕の中では最強のスケジュール管理ソフトになりました。

  4. Having resizing issues since latest update when switching from landscape to portrait. Please fix. Love this app

  5. 横画面で起動すると待ち受けに戻った時に横長の画面に合っていないウィジェットが表示されます。宜しければ対応宜しくお願いします。

  6. It’s getting better and better thx. I found something that may be is a bug. In the popup day view (which is great by the way) are events shown from a calendar that was set to not show up in day view. In the full day view everything works as expected.

    And again a feature request: For me it would be very nice to change very quickly the calendars shown or not shown. I’m thinking about a special menu accessible when pressing the menu button. Then I expect a list with all calendar with 4 checkboxes for each (all/month/week/day). The option all would be the most important for me. When clicking on the calendar title I would imagine openig up the dialog to change the color. For changing the order you may add as well a button in the new calendar settings dialog that opens up a new order dialog that allows to change the order for all views or for each view separate(For me order for all would be enough).

    Then you could as well remove the calendar settings from the main settings dialog. By implementing a new widget dialoge the overview in the main settings dialog would he much better.

    These are of course just ideas but for me the possibily to toggle the visibility of calendars quickly and for all views on the same place would be nice. How exacly you implement it I don’t care about.


  7. The calandar no longer shows both my Personal and Business calendars that are set up in Google Calendars. Google just changed something on teh display of their calendars, I wonder if that messed it up?

  8. Bob, you have to set up your normal calendar application to show both calendars. Then both calendar should appear in the calendarpad calendar settings and can be set ‘show events’ for day,week and month view separate.

  9. Hello,
    I really like CalendarPad, but it does not display all my Calendars. How can I do this?

    (I have multiple gmail calendars + 1 Exchange agenda. QuickCalendar shows them all — configurable)

    Is this possible in CalendarPad Pro?

    thank you,

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