What to do when the widgets don’t work well (ウィジェットがうまく動作しないときの対処法)

If you get a widget problem after you update this app, please try methods below.

  • Re-add the widget  having the problem.
  • When the problem still exists, try to re-install this app.
  • When the problem still exists yet, please email me your problem and your phone’s info (model name, vendor name and OS version etc).


  • 一旦ウィジェットを削除してもう一度貼りなおしてみてください。
  • 上記でも解決しない場合は、一旦本アプリをアンインストールしたのち、ウィジェットを貼りなおしてみてください。


4 thoughts on “What to do when the widgets don’t work well (ウィジェットがうまく動作しないときの対処法)”

  1. I can’t get the App to work. It won’t add dates to the calendar. I have a my-touch phone, vendor is t-mobile, android platform, version 1.6. Thank you.

  2. I have the latest update installed on my Nexus One. When I try to change the theme colors, there is no way to save the changes, and the colors remain at their default settings. How can I keep the new colors? Thank you.

  3. Best android calendar I’ve found to sync with google but there appears to be a bug. when you open an event to see details it shifts the event to the following day – please fix. HTC desire

  4. I have the Samsung Moment with its new update. My problem even after re-installing this app is it won’t keep up with the date. After the first day it stays stuck on that day/date on both the widget and the calendar. Hope you can fix this its a real good app!

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