Calendar Pad / Pro v1.0.0 Relased

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro / Calendar Pad for Android 1.5
v1.0.0 Released

Updates in this release:

  • Added the week widget.
  • Added the day widget.
  • Added a function to customize the hour splitters in the day view.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • 週ウィジェットを追加しました。
  • 1日ウィジェットを追加しました。
  • 1日表示において、時刻の区切り方を選択できるようにしました。
  • 細かいバグ修正。

6 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro v1.0.0 Relased”

  1. I had Calendar Pad Pro on my Nexus. I had the 1×1 day widget on the home screen. Updated to today’s release, and put the 4×4 day widget on an empty screen.

    Whenever I touch the 4×4 day widget, the launcher gets forced closed. I tried to drag it to the trash, but force closed. I rebooted and tried to drag it to the trash, but force closed.

    I removed Calendar Pad Pro completely and dragged off the 1×1 day widget. Where the 4×4 day widget was, is now the “Problem loading widget” icon, and even now, I can’t drag that to the trash to remove it.

    When I do get it sorted out, I’ll reinstall Calendar Pad Pro, I really like the Month View you created, it’s by far the best.

    I do have a suggested enhancement, Google Calendar now supports icons for each event that Google calls “event flair”. It would be very nice if you could display the event flair.

  2. はじめまして。
    Calendar Pad非常に便利でデザインもよく、とても重宝しております。

    ただ1点だけお願いしたいのですが、Calendar Pad用1日表示からイベントの詳細を表示しようとすると、イベントの入力(編集)画面になるのは何とかならないものでしょうか?


    それ以外はもうバッチリで、最近似たようなソフトが出てますが、Calendar Padの方が全然いいです。

  3. はじめまして。
    iPhoneには、「Refills」や「CalenGoo」があるけど、Androidには「Calendar Pad」がある。

  4. Hi, I just paid for your great app. I have a feature request (perhaps for the paid versions only). Can you put in a toggle in the settings so that I can quickly display/hide different calendars.



  5. I am unable to purchase the pro version of calendar pad pro. App not forsale in US dollars. Can you help me.

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