Calendar Pad / Pro 0.9.7 Released

Version 0.9.7 is bug fix release

  • Fixed the problem that is difficult to read characters in the day view.
  • Fixed: the month widget often shrinks.

Version 0.9.7 はバグ修正リリースです

  • 1日表示にて文字が見づらくなる問題の修正
  • 1ヶ月ウィジェットが時々小さくなってしまう問題の修正

5 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro 0.9.7 Released”

  1. Great app.
    It would be very nice if you could add weeknumbers in the month view. Maybe just a small number in the beginning of each row…. That would really make your app perfect 🙂

    Please …

  2. Please add ability to customize recurring meetings – every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc.

  3. I have tried downloading to my Droid 30 times and it keeps saying download unsuccessful

  4. Does this support the outlook calendar? I use touchdown to sync to my exchange server.

    If not, do you plan on supporting the outlook calendar on moto Droid. I used agenda one on my windows mobile and I love your weekly calendar view. Please advise. Thanks

  5. Nice app! But Danish national holidays only shows in day and week view- not month view.

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