FAQ: How to add the national holiday calendar (祝日を追加するには)

How to add the national holiday calendar

If you want to add the national holiday calendar, try the following two steps. First, access the full version of google calendar website. Second, search certain calendar you want to add, and add to the “other calendars”.

When the calendar is added successfully, you will be able to see it in Calendar Pad. If added calendar doesn’t show up, check the Calendars settings of the stock calendar app.

Pro users can below:

To be colored holiday’s background, you can setup at the calendar settings (in app’s menu-settings).



目的のカレンダーが追加できたら、Calendar Padにそれが表示されるようになり
ます。表示されない場合は、標準カレンダーアプリの「カレンダー」設定で表示状態を確認してください。Calendar Padはその設定に同期します。


17 thoughts on “FAQ: How to add the national holiday calendar (祝日を追加するには)”

  1. GoogleカレンダーのWebページにPCでアクセスして、「他のカレンダー」の追加を実行し、祝日のカレンダーを設定しました。
    しかし、Calendar Padに祝日のみ表示されません・・・

  2. proの方でやってみましたが、祝日が表示できませんでした。再インストールしてもダメでした。

  3. I have loaded the National holidays calendar and I can scroll through and see the holidays but they are not in my Calendar Pad calendar? HTC EVO

  4. Please check the Calendars settings of the stock calendar app. You can select which calendar to show.

  5. I absolutely love the pro app however since I purchased it, I’m unable to use the 4×4 widget and the 3×4. It’s keeps saying “problems loading the widget”and it disappears from my home screen. This is very frustrating since I did purchase the app and am unable to use it. Help!

  6. needs to be able to specify end date for repeating dates and ability to copy an event. Add. those and this is an AWESPME app

  7. I have Calendar Pad Pro version 1.4.4 running on my Droid 2 Global. I have added the National Holidays and Jewish Holidays to my Google Calendar. They show up when I view Google Calendar, but not on Calendar Pad Pro. I have looked at the various Calendar Settings tabs and they do not appear at all. Please help.

  8. I have checked Google web site calandar and national calendar is enabled and showing. I have updated and refreshed and checked canlendar settings in native calendar and it is set to all,I changed this to Googlemail but changed it back when it made no difference. I still can not get national holidays to show in calendar pad (or native). Please advise. I have a HTC wildpfire s 2.3.3 calandar pad version 2.4.5

  9. In the New version 2.0.0 schedules they last over 24h are Not shown anymore in the Month view?

  10. the last update on june 3 2012 does not show all day events in month view. PLEASE FIX

  11. Very nice app. when I add Danish national holidays they only show in day and week view- not month view …

  12. Dear developer, after last update my calendar pad widget doesn’t show any events in calendar. It’s basically clean view. However, it was very convenient before when you could see all events in monthly view.

  13. the “calendar pad’ does not accept YEARLY occuring events. What is wrong? Thank you!

  14. I have a Droid Bionic, Android version 4.0.4 and I’ve been very successfully using calendar pad pro. I just had a calendar update and all my entries from October back have disappeared. This is unacceptable and I need to refer to past entries on a regular basis

  15. By far, best calendar app there is. However, whenever I set it to show US holidays, it shows them twice. I can delete one of them, but next time I open the app, they are there twice again. HTC Incred 4G, Android 4.0.4.

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