Calendar Pad 0.9.5 / Calendar Pad Pro 0.9.5 released

Calendar Pad Pro is the charged version. It was added since this release.

New features:

  • Day view.
  • Full size month widget (4×4)

Pro version only features:

  • Color customization.
  • Advanced calendar settings.cp-month

7 thoughts on “Calendar Pad 0.9.5 / Calendar Pad Pro 0.9.5 released”

  1. Great app, thank you! Annoying bug ever since: Deleted entries are shown in calender view until app is closed and opened again. Please try to fix this. Regards Christoph (Austria).

  2. calendar pad v2.2.2
    notifications no longer work. v2.2.1 worked fine
    HTC Incred 4g android 4.0.4

  3. Hi,

    I love your application. For me it is by far the best one.
    The only feature that is missing in my opinion, is the possibility to be able to choose the confidentiality of an appointment in order to be able to set private appointments.
    Great job!

  4. Great little app overall!

    … Except that event text is the only thing that doesn’t have the option for colour customization. You can change the event text size, but not the colour. So if one needs to create a more visible high contrast theme with a dark date background and light event text, one can’t. Which removes the point of my buying the pro version. If this could be corrected, then you’d have by far the most useful calendar widget I’ve encountered.

  5. Hi, with the latest update the button disappeared to easily jump to a date in the future. Being e.g. July how can I easily jump to a date e.g. in November? The top line currently only contains 1) the selection of the view (week, month) 2) the button Today and 3) Search (which I do not really need). Thanks. Thomas

  6. Nice app. Unfortunately, calendars shared by other people do not show up on most views. The shared calendar appears only in agenda view in calendar pad and in all views on stock calendar.

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