Calendar Pad (JP)

Android用カレンダー/スケジューラアプリ「Calendar Pad」

Calendar Padは、シンプル・軽量でありながら必要十分な機能を持つカレンダーアプリです。情報量と見やすさ、そして動作速度を重視して設計されています。Calendar Padなら、直感的かつ効率的に予定の閲覧と編集を行うことができます。

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  • Androidに付属の標準カレンダーと同期し、システム手帳の月間リフィル的に見やすく表示するアプリケーションです。
  • Web版のGoogleカレンダーに近い表示方法(複数の日にまたがる予定をわかりやすく表示)
  • 月、週、1日それぞれの視点での表示とウィジェット。
  • 予定の登録と編集。
  • Pro版では、表示のほとんどすべての部分について、好みの色にカスタマイズすることが可能です。


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80 thoughts on “Calendar Pad (JP)

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  2. osamu

    素晴らしいアプリです。 とても気に入りました。 ありがたく使わせていただいています。

  3. tonyCat

    すばらしいです。 こういうアプリをずっと探していました。

  4. niko

    すばらしいアプリですね。 これを待ってました。

    ところで、ウィジェット対応してからだと思いますが、ウィジェットを使っていないのにも関わらず、アプリが常駐するようになり、メモリーを10Mほど消費しているようです。 そのせいで、アプリの切り替え時のブラックアウトなど、HT-03A全体の動作が悪くなりました。 対応可能でしょうか。

  5. Thijs

    Great Application. It would be better with the following improvements: – Widget showing the appointments next 7 days. – Possibility to add an appointment directly from Calendar Pad, so the default Android Calendar can be avoided.

  6. Ludo

    There is a graphical bug on the Nexus One, it looks like a streched bitmap or something like that :

    Sorry for the picture quality.

    And, thanks for this software ! It’s way better than the default calendar

  7. Lars Koch

    Hello. Very nice app… Would it be possible to add week number in the left side in month view. That would be very much appreciated. Apart from that is a perfect widget… :-)

  8. anders

    Great app, but why does it require internet access?

    You could argue that giving an application access to both reading your calendar and accessing the internet may raise some privacy concerns.

  9. Bob

    Hello, Great app! But would it be possible to have a widget that would list the upcoming events only on half a screen (like 4 columns by 2 rows)? Thanks a lot!!!

  10. yy4287g

    まさにこういうものが欲しかった。 Googleカレンダーが更に便利になりました。 ありがとうございます。

  11. Patrick

    Hi there, I just bought the calendar pad pro and really happy with it, but there’s one slight problem. Everytime i rotate my phone to landscape mode, after which the widget wouldn’t response to touch anymore i have to delete the widget and add it again for it to response

  12. Patrick

    Hi, i was wondering will you be possible to add in the ability to change to color of the events describe font, i notice that is default red and you can’t change the color.

    Thanks great job

  13. Lutz

    Hi – like the design! Is incorporation of the corporate calendar planned?


  14. Andrew

    Hi, have a feature request (perhaps for the paid versions only). Can you add the ability to quickly display or hide different calendars.

  15. Brykins

    Major bug: Using HTC Hero (OS 2.1) with HTC Sense UI overlay. Using Calendar Pad day view, when I open an ALL DAY event, Calendar Pad changes the date back by one day. EG, all day appointment on Sunday, open it with Calendar Pad and it changes to Monday. Open it again and it changes to Tuesday.

    Can you please test this – I have reported this twice via email through the Market and have recieved no reply whatsoever which is very poor communications from the developer.

  16. Richard Jesnen

    Hi! This app is good – but I would like to see a few improvements :-) 1. Make it possible to choose “discontinued days” as repeating events; i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Friday Sunday = make your own pick. 2. Make it possible to attach a note to each event 3. Make it possible to put an end date to a repeating event. 4. Make it possible to “strikethrough” an event without deleting it.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Jackie

    What are the advanced calendar features offered by the Pro version of Calendar Pad, other than the color customization?

  18. Achim

    Hi, I bought Calendar Pad Pro – great App. Is it possible, to reduce the number of the widgets in the widgets list?


    友人に勧められ、EXPERIA に入れました。とても使いやすいのですが、一度入れた予定の修正方法がわかりません。ご教授ください。

  20. biggy

    Can we have the facility to change colours by entering a number, not just using the slides. Its not very easy getting the exact colour you want. Eg. I wanted the weekends to be the same colour.

  21. afritz

    Thanks for the great App. I’d like floating events. Which means, that the event automatically advances to the next day if not tagged as “done”. A kind of mini-to-do-application. The description can be used to add hidden information about the status. The popular DateBk for Palm does it this way.

  22. James

    Please add a 4×2 widget view for the week. Or a 4×2 agenda view widget. Please please please.

  23. dave slemmer

    Dear Sir,

    I bought Calendar Pad Pro. Looks very good, but i have a problem. When i try to add a event the app stops working. The message: “the app calender pad pro (proces has stopped working. please try again.”

    Any suggestions? My phone: Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro/

    Thanks for your attention.

  24. Marc

    Hi can you make this app have the ability to scroll through the months in the widget? Also, when you click on the even in the day on the widget can the program take you to the event manager in google and not the calendar in the app?

  25. hiko




    通常予定:緑 仮予定:赤 など。



  26. Mat

    Can you make it that when long press on an event while in popup view that a menu pops up that has a edit option? Current when you view an event on an htc sense phone they do not offer an edit button. The way they allow you to edit an event is to have you long press on the even in the calender. You are then presented with a menu that has the following options “View event, Edit event, Delete event, and Share vCalendar”

  27. Dean P

    I love your Calendar Pad app and will purchase the Pro version shortly.

    One feature I would love to see added would be a “MOVE” function when you long hold on an appointment. The MOVE function will let you move an appointment from the current calendar to another calendar. I would like this because half the time I forget to check which calendar I put the appointment on and I end up having to delete the appointment and reenter it again in the correct calendar.

  28. Flemming S

    This is a brilliant app. I would buy the pro-version, if Google would let me.

    One feature I would like, is to select which calendars should be be displayed, and which to ignore.

  29. François


    First of all great app, keep up this way.

    I would like to report a problem on the Xperia Mini 10 Pro : it’s impossible to add a new event.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information or if you want me to do some testing on a new fixed version.

    To anyone having the same problem : you can configure this app to use the default (android) calendar for seeing a day. ugly workaround for adding some new events but it still works…

  30. Zoltan


    I am one of your enthusiastic user. I am very satisfied with the product. I have just downloaded the pro version from the market hoping that it contains the option that the location of the appointment can be displayed in the day view in the day widgets and the application as well.

    Is that possible to add this feature in the next release?

    Thank you in advance!



    Hello, Google order number 975551747737196 for Calender Pro was a failed download. Can you upload it again? Thanks

  32. admin Post author


    Usually, the downloading’s problem seems a temporary problem of the Android Market. I think it will be settled in several hours. If you cannot get it after time passed, please contact Google to get a support with accessing the following URL.

    Thank you

  33. Tommy

    Hi! I really like your app, The feature to show whats actually happen every day is a god blessed thing. Great when you seraching for an apoinment and you have multiple calendars. The only thing I realy misses is the weeknumbers ( It’s a common way of giving a aproximated time in Europe. For example “.. will happen on Friday in week 48…” I’ve solved this with a week calender in google but it would be neat!

  34. Martijn

    Upgraded to Pro version yesterday. Now the widget (4×4 week calendar) does not update/refresh properly. When I remove and add the widget, it shows the contents of the calendar, but after a while it does not anymore; it shows an empty week. When I touch the widget, the week calendar opens. The opened calendar shows all contents. When I close the calendar (back button), the widget still does not show any items. Phone: HTC Legend, android 2.1.

  35. Mat

    Hi! I love Calendar Pad Pro, it suits my needs perfectly! Suggestion though: Is it possible to have an additional setting to change the colour of the “appointment” text? (I use transparent background on my day widget). Currently it’s only black text which makes it hard to read on anything else than light backgrounds.

  36. Mat

    Oh, and another suggestion; is it possible to have the month widget touch sensitive to each day? If yes I would be excited to see the option to make DAY the default view! (press selected day on month widget -> open selected day view. Instead of now press month widget -> open Calendar Pad Pro month wiew -> press day -> open day view.

  37. Jusin

    Same problem as also listed below. Appointments shift over one day after restart. Makes this app completely useless.

  38. gpcohen

    Great app. and support. The single greatest feature is the ability to see the event name in month view. My wish list: add the Palm-like ability to create a “Call” event which allows for a one touch link with a name from “Contacts” (This is a “Link” in the Palm OS). Could app developers ever collaborate? I would love to see integration between my three productivity apps: Calendar Pad Pro, Astrid and COL Reminder (and then have Google pay you lots of money to integrate it all into Android).

  39. せいじ

    昨年4月のxperiaを購入直後からCalendarPadを使わせてもらっています。本当に便利で、自分の使い方にもちょうどフィットしているので重宝しています。 おそらく今年になってからですが、CalendarPadから予定を作成すると、ゲストにカレンダー名(仕事とかプライベートとか)が設定され、予定の前に?が出て参加するかどうか問われるようになりました。 PCで予定を作成したり、xperiaのブラウザで予定を作成するとそういったことにならないので、CalendarPadとgoogle calendarとの間の問題かなと思っています。 個人で使用しており予定を追加すれば参加することは確実なので、この設定が変えられないでしょうか? 対応可能でしょうか?

  40. Uli

    A really nice calendar frontend. Thanks for all the work! One thing which puzzles me however (with all android calendar apps) is the following: Pretty much all events fall into 3 categories: A) a task, B) a meeting/appointment, and C) a phone call. For the latter 2 cases, most of the people we talk to or meet, we have met before, and thus, they are likely that they already exist in our contacts lists. E.g., if I schedule an appointment with my dentist, I have to tediously type in “Dentist”. If I happen to be late I have to look up his number and call him. Consider how much more elegant it would be to select new event -> From contacts, and tap the entry for the dentist, eh voila, his name, and address details would be in my calendar. No typing required, and all the data where you need it.

    The only app which does this to a certain extent is the gemini calendar, but it is cumbersome to use. Having the ability to directly insert information from the contacs lists, or the call log, would be a real killer feature for me (and I would be happy to pay for).

    Please keep up the good work!



  41. Marco

    Can i suggest to implement the “other calendars” as an option to be displayed in calendar pad? (for example festivities, soccer matches – that can be shown by “default” in google calendar)

    This app is very nice btw, great work!

  42. Nico

    Great app. Slim and to the point. No problems so far.

    One point. In every view there should be a possiblity to jump to a specific date (or week or month depending on the view) via the options menu, at least in month view. At present you have to wipe and wipe and … in order to check the dates months ahead.

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