Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.2 Released

Changes in this release:
  • Added the 4×1 widget which shows 7 days from current day.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and optimized touch response.

Additional minor releases (as of 27th April):

  • v1.3.3 Fixed  an issue that wrong date is sometimes shown by touching at day-box.
  • v1.3.4 Fixed widget drawing bug. Improved widget drawing.

8 thoughts on “Calendar Pad / Pro v1.3.2 Released

  1. sarah

    Now cant read my widgits as writing too small…..defeats purpose for me as now have to open to read. Can’t read 4×1 either…help…..was perfect before…

  2. MoaiApps Post author

    Sorry, I’m fixing the problem that the widgets on ldpi device are appeared wrong size. Please wait for a few days.

  3. Olaf

    Great App, but two wisches are resting: – Could you create “Settings” for the new Agenda view, like they exist for the other views “Font size” and so on? – In the german version in the week view the translation for the calendar week is not done, it is marked “Week #17″ correct would be “Kalenderwoche #17″ or “Woche #17″ or as shortcut “KW #17″. Thank you, Best regards Olaf

  4. MoaiApps Post author

    For the meantime, Only Android Market is the way to purchase. It’s under investigation for other way.

  5. Vu

    I like the app, but the widget consumes too much battery on a myTouch 4G.

  6. Magne

    Good app. Is there any way to show starttime for events in outlook bar widget and month wiew?

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