Calendar Pad v1.1.2 Released

Calendar Pad / Calendar Pad Pro v 1.1.2 Released

This release includes:

  • Froyo (Android 2.2) support.
  • Fix the problem that the widget shrinks.

The all-day event problem on new HTC phones, that is caused by the stock app provided by new HTC Sense, still exists.  To avoid such a problem, I’m going to make the original editing feature.


  • Froyo (Android 2.2)対応。
  • ウィジェットが縮む問題の解決。

HTC Desireに内蔵されているカレンダーアプリにバグがあり、終日予定を編集しようとすると日付が進んでしまいます。この問題を回避するため、予定の編集画面を独自に作成しようと考えております。

25 thoughts on “Calendar Pad v1.1.2 Released

  1. Ady

    Hi there. Fabtasic product, but can you please make it allow me to copy an appointment and then paste it into another date?

  2. Håkan

    Hello, I am sorry but it says in AppBrain, that it is not possibloe to download “Calendar Pad Pro”. Do you know the reason for this? Regards, Håkan

  3. skid

    Love this app. Can you make a biweekly in it? I’m looking for every other weekend. Thanks

  4. miachi

    プロ版愛用さていただいております。 今回N1でFroyoがリリースされまして早速の対応ありがとうございます。 しかし残念ながらProがマーケット上に現れず現在はフリー版を利用しております。 一度ご確認いただけますでしょうか、よろしくおねがいします。

  5. Leona

    If possible in a future version, please add the option to have an event daily until a specific date. So trips can be tracked. Thank you.

  6. Richard

    Where van I buy Therese oro version? I cant’t fond ut anywhere. Thanks!

  7. Bill

    I have a Motor Droid and find that when I start program it is always one day behind. IF I force close and restart it is OK. Please fix. Great program — thanks

  8. Cherubim

    フリー版を利用させていただいております。 予定の追加で終了の日付を翌日に、時間を0:00に変更すると、繰り返しの項目が消えてしまいます。 保存後、編集を選択すると繰り返しは表示されています。 出来れば追加の時点で繰り返しを設定したいのですが、一度ご確認いただけますでしょうか。 機種はX06HTです。

  9. larry

    WHY CAN I NOT GET THE PRO VERSION IN THE APP STORE YET?? I paid for the previous version. Thanks

  10. Billie

    Cal pro pad for Motorola Droid will not open. It fc every time. I love your program and use it every day. Now broken! Please help.

  11. FlyingsCool

    Could you please add an ability to change the default color of calendars. I have multiple calendars that I view, and they all get random colors. I have sets of calendars that I would like to change to all the same color.



  12. Frank

    I agree with the earlier comment: can you make the calendar so I can have notes for each appointment, and then when I copy and paste the appointment, the notes get copied and pasted with the appointment. I do not want a “recurring appointment” feature –Google already has that. I am asking for a copy and paste, including notes attached to each appointment. So far, only Windows mobile has this feature. Would you email me when you make this? thanks, Frank

  13. Knut

    Is there a way to buy the pro version outside of the android market? Paypal, for example? For international users without access to the non-free part of Market, this would be very nice :)

    Thanks, Knut.

  14. Tim

    I have just downloaded latest update and all appointment times have gone foward by 2 hours ! HELP please

  15. Dick

    Cannot delete yearly recurring all day events from week view. Must bring up Android calendar to do this. (EVO 4G)

  16. Dick

    Clarification on previous post: cannot delete ONE occurrence of yearly recurring all day event from week view (EVO 4G)

  17. rob will

    Great app – TYVM. Please download and look at the GUI on the Pure Calendar widget in the Android market. Your apps functionality is great but the GUI could use the sex appeal that Pure Calendar has. Thanks for the great work.

  18. Steve Bent


    Can anyone tell me if this syncs directly with Outlook?

    As I actively use conflicts in my calendar I cannot sync to Google calendar :(

    It would be great to be able to upgrade my handset to Android, but my calendar is so important that I can’t change to a handset that doesn’t sync with outlook!

    Be great to hear!

  19. Riq

    This is a really good calendar app one of the best I’ve used except for it not keeping up with the dates on both the widget and the actual calendar. O it’ll work for a day on my Moment then it stays on that day/date. Really hope you can fix it I would like to get the pro version but not if this will be a on going problem.

  20. Bigbry

    Force Closes on my new Captivate which runs 2.1… Worked fine on my Backflip, I love the app, hopefully this issue can be fixed

  21. Roman

    Is there a e way to set default calendar to google calendar instead of My Calendar?

  22. David

    Great app! Plase allow setting google as default calendar for new appointments and a ‘left to right’ week view (not columns).

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